American Roulette: We supply all equipment and professional dealers.  We supply the host with fun money to pass on to the guests.  This money is then exchanged for chips at the table.  The player can then play Roulette until they run out of money, or break the bank!  The dealer will help and explain how the game is played.  It is easy to learn and great fun.

Blackjack: Equipment and dealers as above. The aim of the game is to get as close to 21 as you can, and at the same time beat the dealer.  Blackjack works well on its own, or in conjunction with Roulette.

Texas Hold’em Poker: Players receive a set amount of chips to play poker.  To have the most fun, we suggest a competition style game, where we supply a table and a referee to help with rules and helpful tips.  In most cases we only supply Poker in conjunction with one of the other games.

Casino Nights is proud to offer you Stag and Hen nights service, please click here for more information.

Event end:
There are a couple of options.  1.  Prizes can be given to the three best players of each game.  2.  There can be a final playoff for the best players in each game, to find three best players overall. We are also able to run a fun auction, where any chips won can be used to bid on auction lots.